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Assessments & Workshops:

​Upgrade Your Energy Mini Workshop Do you feel energized in your role? When you’re not at the top of your game, it affects your performance and impacts the organization. So, how can you do both what you love and what you’re good at? Explore areas that motivate you as well as drain you. By looking at the times you felt your best and were “in the zone,” you can identify your key competencies and connect those strengths with what truly drives you.   $95.00/person (minimum 20)

Strengthscope® Coaching Session Complete the Strengthscope® assessment and receive your unique profile + one hour coaching session.   $295.00

Strengthscope360™ is for anyone who wants to get feedback from their colleagues on their performance as well as gaining insights into how to maximize their contribution at work. Includes personal assessment and one hour coaching debrief.   $395.00

Strengthscope Team

Harness the potential and effectiveness of a team.

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Training & Development:

This includes development and delivery of training programs, breakout sessions and keynotes that include:

*Spiky vs Well Rounded - What the Best Leaders in the World Do Differently.

*The Path of Possibility - Achieving the Next Level of Performance & Well Being. 

*Seven Secrets to Sales Success - Clear, simple and concise concepts to fuel your success

*Swirl vs. Focused Activity  - How to be in the zone, in ‘flow’ and reach your peak performance level.


*Eliminate Overdrive Resolving Conflict - How to create a happy, high performance workforce.